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Journal of Pipeline Engineering

Notes for contributors


Test: No special formatting or layout is required. Please use your own normal style throughout for text and references. Please submit the manuscript as a Word file.

Equations: any equations will be re-set using MathType. If you have access to this when preparing the equations, please use it, as it will minimize the possibility of errors. All equations, regardless of how they are drafted, should be embedded in the manuscript file.

Length: there is no prescribed length. However, if a paper exceeds around 5000 words it may have to be split into two parts, which will be published in successive issues.

Authors details: please submit the following for all authors and co-authors:

Academic title (Dr, Prof.); company, organization, or university name; department (if appropriate); complete postal address; contact phone number; contact email address


Prepare these either in Word or Excel. If you use Word, please embed the tables in the manuscript file; if you prefer Excel, please submit the tables as one or more separate files.


It is important that these are at 300 dpi resolution or higher or they will not reproduce well when printed – they will either be too small to be legible, or blurred.

Photos: bear in mind the resolution and only use ones that are of good enough quality.

Graphs: if prepared in Excel, please submit copies of the native files.

Drawings: if prepared in Excel or PowerPoint, please submit copies of the native files.

Note on AutoCad output: in our experience this software will only output at 72 dpi, which is far below our requirements for good-quality printing. If it is necessary to use figures prepared in AutoCad, they will be reproduced at a maximum width of about a half-column in order that they will not appear blurred.

Other software

If you use other software to prepare your manuscript or graphics, please check its compatibility with John Tiratsoo (see below) before submitting your work.

Editorial contact:

John Tiratsoo
email: jtiratsoo@gs-press.com
tel: +44 1494 675139
cell: +44 7771 641372
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