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  Title Guidelines for investigating failures of external FBE coatings on buried pipelines
  Author(s) Dr A.M.El-Sherik, N. M.Dakwar , and T.Byrnes  
  Abstract ALTHOUGH FUSION BONDED EPOXY (FBE) coatings have been in use since the mid- 1970s and are widely used to coat the external surfaces of buried steel pipelines, they still experience failures in the field. Failure analysis and root cause analysis (RCA) of FBE coatings that have experienced damage in service, provide operators and pipeline integrity engineers with valuable information needed to prevent future failures. In many cases, however, the damaged coating samples are not handled, preserved, or analysed properly and the ability to diagnose the cause of failure is lost.

After a brief overview of FBE coatings and the most common failure modes, this article discusses processes and procedures that can be used as guidelines when investigating the cause of failed FBE coatings on buried pipelines with a particular emphasis on proper sampling and preservation techniques. Field and laboratory techniques as part of RCA will also be presented.

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