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  Title Charpy toughness of ERW seam welds
  Author(s) Dr Su Xu, Andrew Laver, Jim Gianetto, Jie Liang, Dr William R. Tyson, and Shinya (Matt) Matsuno  
  Abstract TEN CONTEMPORARY ERW pipes were examined to investigate the influence of Charpy notch position on measured impact toughness of electric-resistance-welded (ERW) pipe in the seam-weld region. The weld bond line (BL) regions have been found to be quite narrow (width approximately 0.2-0.25 mm), with microstructures similar to or finer than the adjacent regions and base steels. Little texture was present in the BL regions after the ERW weld and post-weld heat-treatment (PWHT) processes. Micro- hardness profiles in the ERW weld region showed small through-thickness variations (average standard deviation/average: 5.4%) and indicate that contemporary ERW BL regions normally have a small weld strength over-match over the base metal but not necessarily at every through- thickness position. Charpy bond-line toughnesses showed relatively large scatter. The toughness is lowest within a narrow zone ±? 0.5 mm of the weld-fusion line. The results have been used as a scientific basis for revising the ERW pipe toughness requirements in the Canadian linepipe standard.  
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