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  Title Running ductile fracture analysis using experimental crack-velocity curve – a case study
  Author(s) Dr Satoshi Igi  
  Abstract PREVENTION OF A RUNNING ductile fracture is the most important issue for maintaining pipeline safety. In the gas pipelines currently being planned, there is a tendency toward high pressure, increased material strength, and larger pipe diameter. In addition to the need for the development of high-toughness linepipe materials, the necessity of improving the evaluation techniques used with high-strength and/or large-diameter pipes has also been pointed out.

This paper reports recommendations for running-ductile-fracture analysis based on the HLP theory when using the actual crack velocity curve obtained from a burst test or an existing crack-velocity curve which represents a similar crack velocity for a pipe of the same diameter. The calculated results showed fairly good agreement with the results of a series of full-scale gas pipeline burst tests, such as the AISI (American Iron & Steel Institute) burst test and the JGA (Japan Gas Association) project for both the fracture-arrest distance and the crack velocity.

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