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Issue Contents


       Vol. 16
A statistical analysis of full-scale fracture propagation test data Dr Andrew Cosham
Managing the threat from weather and outside force using ILI ane Dawson
What is a ‘subject-matter expert’? Dr Phil Hopkins
Worst-case scenario consequence modelling in natural gas transmission pipeline using PHAST software Payam Amir-Heidari
Zero incidents: a realistic target for the pipeline industry? Ian Diggory
B31.8S guidance documents – a reply from a B31.8S member

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO, courtesy of Allseas, shows a view over the Pioneering Spirit’s stinger as the welded pipes for the Turkstream gas pipeline are lowered in an S-curve to the sea bed. The vessel is laying the 900-km long, 32-in diameter, pipeline across the Black Sea, at depths greater than 2 km, making the pipeline the deepest of this diameter in the world.
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