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Issue Contents


       Vol. 15
Comparison of tee designs for subsidence areas Dr Michael Law
Estimating liquid pool evaporation by forced convection in a gas pipeline Alessandro Terenzi
Upheaval buckling of pipelines Oluwatomisin Adebanjo
A novel model for prediction of crack propagation in gas transmission pipelines Dr Hadi Mohammadi
Prediction of the internal corrosion remaining life of a gas pipeline made of high-strength steel Dr Yue Cui
Fluidic-drag estimation in horizontal-directional drilling using the finite-volume method Montazar Rabiei
Industry leaders gather in Germany Editorial

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO, courtesy of The Crossing Co of Nisku, AB, Canada, shows a one of the company’s horizontal-directional-drilling (HDD) rigs in operation. Manley Osbak, the company’s Vice President, Engineering, is a co-author of a paper on HDD on pages 187-200 of this issue.
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