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Issue Contents


       Vol. 15
Deterministic and probabilistic approaches for scheduling mitigations of crack-like anomalies Dr Jing Ma
Hydrotesting and ILI: now and in the future Jerry Rau
The use of GIS slope-stability analyses for onshore pipeline routeing optimization Dr Filippo Onori
Geogrid for existing buried pipeline crossings Dr Agostino Napolitano
Assessment of the reliability level embedded in pipeline design codes Prof. Sviatoslav A Timashev
Baseline survey of flexible pipes: scope of requirements and overview of typical non-conformances Dr Damir Tadjiev

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO shows a digital terrain model for geomorphological characterization, used for pipeline route optimization. It is taken from the paper on this subject by Dr Filippo Onori et al., published on pages 95-106.
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