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Issue Contents


       Vol. 15
’Competency’ in engineering Michelle Unger
Managing black powder in sales-gas transmission pipelines Dr Abdelmounam El-Sherik
Longitudinal-weld-seam toughness testing and flaw assessment models for electric-resistance-welded pipe – a review Dr Su Xu
Effects of pre-strain on strength, ductility and toughness of pipe steels – a review Dr Su Xu
A self-powered and geo-tagged method to enable continuous high-quality data recording Dr Wolfgang Fink
Risk-based assessment of offshore crude oil pipelines and condition-monitoring systems Alireda Aljaroudi

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO, courtesy of Saudi Aramco, shows pipelaying under way in Saudi Arabia. The paper from Dr El-Sherik on pages 19-24 discusses issues to do with black powder in sales-gas pipelines such as this.
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