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Issue Contents


       Vol. 14
Design challenges of steel pipelines in unsteady flow conditions Prof. Dimitrios G. Pavlou
Challenges formed by the contact between large-diameter gas pipelines in a tight pipeline corridor Dr Ljiljana Djapic Oosterkamp
Anchor-damage assessment of subsea pipelines: optimization of design methodology Adeliya Flyurovna Mustafina
Risk-based integrity assessment and control of subsea pipelines: an approach for minimizing variability Prof. R M Chandima Ratnayake
Probability of detection as a metric for quantifying NDE capability: the state of the art Arvind Keprate
Effects of strain rate on strength, and of orientation on toughness, of modern high-strength pipe steels Dr Su Xu

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO shows concrete-coated pipe being loaded onto Saipem’s Castoro Sei laybarge for Nord Stream’s twin 48-in diameter, 1224-km long, pipelines from Russia to Germany in the Baltic Sea. Photo by JT and courtesy of the companies concerned.
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