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Issue Contents


       Vol. 14
Dr Ray Fessler - obituary John Mackenzie
EPRG guidelines on the assessment of defects in transmission pipeline girth welds – Revision 2014 Dr Robert M Andrews
Analysis of severe circumferential SCC found on an ethane pipeline Yannick Beauregard
Soil deformation during monotonic and seismic pipe uplift in liquefiable soil Dr Siau Chen Chian
Assessing the probability of detecting crack features using ultrasonic ILI tool run results and excavation data Dongliang Lu
Dealing with internal inspection uncertainty in pipeline-integrity management Susannah Turner

About the Cover
OUR COVER reproduces a portion of the artwork prepared by Dr Ray Fessler for his and his wife’s 2014 Christmas card. Dr Fessler sadly passed away on 6 December, 2014, and an obituary and appreciation of his achievements is published on pages 5-8 of this issue.
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