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Issue Contents


       Vol. 13
Hydrostatic pressure spike testing of pipelines: why and when? Michael J Rosenfeld
Installation of corrosion-monitoring access fittings Dr Roger A King
Transporting natural gas hydrates in slurry pipelines: is it economical? Kamal Botros
A review of the role and effect of residual stress on pipeline-flaw assessment Sultan Al-Owaisi
Pipeline tension distribution in the presence of elastic and elastic-plastic bending Dr Vahraz Nikzad

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO shows a Linde Corporation hydrostatic testing team at work on a section of compressor station pipe in the Marcellus region in NE Pennsylvania in the USA. Michael Rosenfeld’s opening paper on pp 229-240 this issue discusses in detail the issues around hydrostatic spike testing of pipelines.
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