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Issue Contents


       Vol. 13
Arctic subsea pipelines Prof Andrew Palmer
Construction and early-service defects: one operator’s experience Matthew R Hastings
Plastic bending moment capacity of pipelines: a strain-hardened elastic-plastic approach Dr Vahraz Nikzad
Case studies in the application of advanced technology to pipeline flaw assessment Dr Ted L Anderson
Combining high-resolution in-line geometry tools and finite-element analysis to improve dent assessments Rhett L Dotson
Optimization of valve placement in liquids pipeline systems Cameron T Rout
Transmission pipeline risk filtering and ranking Dr Sirous F Yasseri

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO shows a finite-element analysis of the bending-moment distribution of a clad pipe over an offshore reel-laying vessel’s reel. The illustration is taken from the paper on pages 95-101 in which the plastic bending-moment capacity of pipelines are analysed.
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