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Issue Contents


       Vol. 13
Fishing trawl pull-over across pipelines Prof Andrew Palmer
On the assessment of low-frequency electric-resistance-welded linepipe defects by EMAT and CMFL in-line inspection Richard Kania
Real world considerations for strain-based design and assessment Dr Yong-Yi Wang
Pressure-wave propagation in multi-layered fibre-reinforced polymeric pipelines due to hydraulic hammer Prof. Dr Dimitri G Pavlou
An assessment of the effect of steel pipeline wall losses on the maximum allowable operating pressure of a gas pipeline Dr Maciej Witek
An investigation into the failure of a 40-in diameter crude oil pipeline Mohamed Dafea
Evaluating anchor impact damage to the subsea Canyon Chief pipeline using analysis and full-scale testing methods Dr Chris Alexander,

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO shows a 24-in diameter Rosen EMAT tool being prepared for launch. Photo courtesy of Rosen Engineering.
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