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Issue Contents


       Vol. 12
Fracture-toughness (K, J) testing, evaluation, and standardization Dr Xian-Kui Zhu
Low-constraint toughness testing Dr William R Tyson
Testing for resistance to fast ductile fracture: measurement of CTOA Dr Su Xu
Drop-weight tear test application to natural gas pipeline fracture control Dr Robert Eiber
The Charpy impact test and its applications Dr Brian N Leis
CTOA testing of pipeline steels using MDCB specimens Dr Robert L Amaro
Fracture-resistance testing of pipeline girth welds using bend and tensile fracture specimens Prof. Claudio Ruggieri
Fracture-toughness evaluations by different test methods for the Chinese Second West-East gas transmission X-80 pipeline steels Dr He Li
CTOD and pipelines: the past, present, and future Dr Philippa Moore
Use of curved-wide-plate (CWP) data for the prediction of girth-weld integrity Dr Rudi M Denys
Ductile-fracture arrest methods for gas-transmission pipelines using Charpy impact energy or DWTT energy Dr Xian-Kui Zhu

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO shows a single-edge-notched specimen in tension (SENT, or equivalently SE(T)) under load in CANMET’s laboratory. For further details, see the paper by William Tyson et al. on pages 157-163. The photo is reproduced with kind permission of CANMET; it was originally published in one of the research organization’s recent technical reports.
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