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Issue Contents


       Vol. 12
The induction of vibrations in transmission pipelines by the fall of a heavy structure nearby: modelling the safety distances Dr Charles Fernandez
Techno-economic modelling and analysis of CO2 pipelines Nima Ghazi
The critical-path method for assessment of pipelines with metal-loss defects Prof. José L F Freire
10-6 and all that: what do failure probabilities mean? – A response Dr Andrew Francis
SliPIPE: a new concept to deal with pipeline expansion Chia Chor Yew
Assessment of vintage girth welds and challenges to ILI tools Dr Yong-Yi Wang
Threat and the probability of failure Randy Vaughn
Unpiggable pipelines: Kinder Morgan Canada’s experience with various inspection tools and technologies Nelson Tonui

About the Cover
OUR COVER PICTURE, courtesy of A Hak Industrial Services of Tricht,
Netherlands, shows a test loop replicating in full size a typical length of difficult-to-inspect pipeline that the company has set up in order to test its tethered inline inspection equipment for a particular project. A recent conference in Houston discussed a range of issues surrounding ‘unpiggable’ pipelines, and two papers from this event are published in this issue, starting on pages 125 and 129.
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