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Issue Contents


       Vol. 12
Recent innovations in pipeline seam-weld integrity assessment Dr Ted L Anderson
Pressure testing and recordkeeping: reconciling historic pipeline practices with new requirements. Michael J Rosenfeld
Welding on in-service gas pipelines using low-yield electrodes Wim N Schipaanboord
Evaluation of failure risk due to use of high-strength steels in pipelines Dr Julien Capelle
Pressure tests on 30-in diameter X65 grade pipes with dent-crack defects Hossein Ghaednia

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO shows a recent 1.5-km long pull-in of a 24-in pipe-in-pipe district-heating pipeline in Rotterdam at a depth of 50m. A second horizontal directionally-drilled pipe will be installed before the end of March, 10m below the first. The contractor is Visser and Smit Hanab, on behalf of Rotterdam’s district-heating company Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam.
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