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Issue Contents


       Vol. 11
Deepwater Horizon – lessons for the pipeline industry Dr Jan Hayes
National Grid’s COOLTRANS research programme Russell Cooper
Towards a CO2 pipeline specification: defining tolerance limits for impurities Dr Julia Race
The application of individual and societal risk assessment to CO2 pipelines Dr Phil Cleaver
Framework for validation of pipeline release and dispersion models for the COOLTRANS research programme Dr Simon Gant
The saturation pressure and the design of dense-phase CO2 pipelines Dr Andrew Cosham
Transport of gaseous and dense carbon dioxide in pipelines: is there an internal corrosion risk? Daniel Sandana
Environmental impact of a hypothetical catastrophic leakage of CO2 onto the ground surface Dr Janice A Lake

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO shows a pipeline booster station at Jackson Dome on Texas-based Denbury Resources’ 293-km long, 20-inch diameter, NEJD CO2 pipeline that runs from Jackson Dome to near Donaldsonville, Louisiana, as part of the company’s 2001 acquisition of the Jackson Dome source field. The photo is reproduced by courtesy of Denbury Resources Inc.
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