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Issue Contents


       Vol. 11
On the protection of landfall pipelines installed by HDD Dr Antonio Martinez Niembro
Enbridge Northern pipeline: 25 years of operations, successes and challenges Ingrid Pederson
Use of lighter backfill materials for delaying dent repair Abu Naim Md Rafi
Validation of the latest generation EMAT ILI technology for SCC management Jim E Marr
Comparison of multiple crack detection in-line inspection data to assess crack growth Mark Slaughter
Independent validation of in-line inspection performance specifications Taylor Shie
Bacterial attachment to metal substrate and its effects on microbiologically-influenced corrosion in transporting hydrocarbon pipelines Faisal M AlAbbas

About the Cover
The final pipes are curently being laid on the second NordStream pipeline that runs through the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. Our COVER PICTURE, taken recently on the Castoro Sei laybarge offshore Sweden, shows one of the 48-in diameter, 23-tonne, concrete-coated pipe lengths being hoisted onto the laybarge, having been transported from the nearby Slite pipe-storage site on the Swedish island of Gotland.
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