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Issue Contents


       Vol. 10
An operator’s perspective in evaluating composite repairs Satish Kulkarni
The importance of pre-planning for large hydrostatic test programmes Andrew Keith Bennett
Collapse of steel pipes under external pressure and axial tension Dr Rita G Toscano
Dynamic phenomena in compressor station recycle systems Dr Kamal K Botros
Third-party interference: pipeline survey based on risk assessment Samir Akel
Stress-corrosion cracking in gas pipelines, in-line inspection, and repair: a case study Nadhir I Al-Nasri

About the Cover
On Tuesday November 8, German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel together with Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev and the Prime Ministers of France François Fillon and the Netherlands Mark Rutte, and EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger, formally inaugurated the first of Nord Stream’s twin 1,224-km gas pipelines through the Baltic Sea. OUR COVER PICTURE shows the final ‘golden’ weld being prepared prior to this pipeline – the world’s longest subsea pipeline – becoming operational.
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