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       Vol. 10
Control of ductile facture propagation in X80 gas linepipe Gianluca Mannucci
Assessment of a gouge, a dent, or a dent plus a gouge, in a pipe using limit analysis or notch fracture mechanics Prof. Guy Pluvinage
Landslide risk assessment for pipeline systems in mountainous regions Dr Alfred M Pettinger
An effective optimization approach for designing cost-effective and reliable sandwich pipes for use in deep and ultra-deep water Hossein Abolghasem
Defect propagation from fatigue loading in 13%Cr pipelines Antoon A Lefevre

About the Cover
OUR COVER PICTURE shows construction work under way on the Camisea pipeline across the Andes in Peru in 2003. Aspects of this project are discussed in the paper on pages 161-171.
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