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Issue Contents


       Vol. 10
A perspective on the future George W Tenley, Jr
Protecting Arctic marine pipelines against subgouge deformation Madeline Chua
Pipeline strains in soft clay backfill subject to ice gouging Ken Been
Probabilistic methods for determining extreme ice gouge depths for pipeline protective burial assessment Damien L Humby
Ice keel-seabed-pipeline interaction simulation: Ice Pipe JIP extract Kabir Hossain
Protection of pipelines from ice gouging Tony King
The Arctic region from a trenching perspective Jon Machin

About the Cover
OUR COVER PICTURE shows an artist’s impression of a typical ice-keel gouging event that can occur when an iceberg crosses a buried pipeline in the Arctic. The illustration is taken from the paper by Humby et al. on pages 99-104 of this special Arctic pipelines issue of the Journal of Pipeline Engineering.
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