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Issue Contents


       Vol. 10
Pipeline design: are current pipe standards adequate? Dr Jane Haswell
Guidelines to conducting threat susceptibility and identification assessments of pipelines prior to reactivation Chad Bunch
The influence of linepipe base material on pipeline girth weld metal CTOD toughness B D Newbury
The role of internal pressure in the deformation capacity of pipelines Luigino Vitali
Enhanced failure criteria for composite crack arrestors Dr Filip Van den Abeele

About the Cover
OUR COVER PICTURE shows 42-in diameter concrete-coated pipes for the Nord Stream pipeline, weighing about 25 tonnes each, being transported by a reach stacker in the stockyard at Mukran, Germany. Each pipe is fitted with some of the 200,000 end caps supplied to the project by Roplast, the design and development of which is described in detail in a paper in our next issue. (Photo courtesy Nord Stream.)
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