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Issue Contents


       Vol. 9
Carbon dioxide transport infrastructure key learning and critical issues James Watt
The techno-economics of a phased approach to developing a UK carbon dioxide pipeline network Saulat Lone
Transporting anthropogenic CO2 in contrast to pipelines supporting early EOR Dr Brian N Leis,
How to select wall thickness, steel toughness, and operating pressure for long CO2 pipelines Graeme G King
A dynamic boundary ductile-fracture-propagation model for CO2 pipelines Prof. Haroun Mahgrefteh
Will fractures propagate in a leaking CO2 pipeline? Dr Robert Andrews
Greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generating CCS upstream and downstream transport processes Dr Tim Cockerill

About the Cover
Our cover photo shows construction work under way on Denbury Resources’ 24-in diameter, 512-km long Green Pipeline for both natural and man-made CO2. The new pipeline will be one of the first designed to transport anthropogenic CO2 in the Gulf Coast area of the US. Photograph courtesy of Denbury Resources Inc., www.denbury.com.
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