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Issue Contents


       Vol. 9
Experience of flow assurance simulations Dr Alessandro Terenzi
A comparison of the API 1104 Appendix A and BS 7910 procedures for the assessment of girth weld flaws Sarah E Smith
Design of deepwater HP/HT pipe-in-pipe flowlines crossing mega-furrows in the Gulf of Mexico Dr Tianxi (Andy) Tang
Deep subsea oil and gas infrastructure development: some challenges and solutions D K Das
The role of FEM in the operation of pipelines in unstable soils R Bruschi
HDD: a reliable way of pipeline crossing – some myths uncovered Jan Spiekhout
The lightning threat to pipelines and coatings Joseph (Joe) Pikas
The 2010 Chilean earthquake: gas distribution system resilience Enrique Acuna C
ILI performance management using advanced NDE systems R McNealy

About the Cover
Our cover photo shows some of the effects of the Chilean earthquake in February, 2010. In the cities involved, there was surprisingly little damage to the gas pipeline infrastructure, as discussed in the paper on pages 197-201.
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