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Issue Contents


       Vol. 8

Approaches for determining limit load and reference stress for circumferential embedded flaws in pipe girth welds Dr Mohamad J Cheaitani
The Nord Stream Pipeline’s German landfall: the challenges ahead Dipl-Ing Björn Dobberstein
Assessing pipeline integrity using fracture mechanics and currently available inspection tools Dr Kimberly Cameron
Behaviour of wrinkled linepipe subjected to internal pressure and eccentric axial compression load Sara Kenno
Advanced numerical modelling tools aid Arctic pipeline design Kenton Pike
A disc pig model for estimating the mixing volumes between product batches in multi-product pipelines Etim S Udoetok
Soil reaction force at the head of the pipeline during the pull-back operation of horizontal directional drilling J P Pruiksma
Full range stress-strain relation modelling of pipeline steels Stijn Hertelé

About the Cover
OUR COVER PICTURE shows a typical landfall using a coffer dam to pull-in the pipe from offshore, one of thetechniques being proposed by the designers of the Nord Stream pipeline project. The twin 48-in diameter, 1220-kmlong, pipelines will be the world’s longest subsea pipelines once fully operational in 2011. The first of a series ofthree papers describing aspects of the project is published on pages 167-173.
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