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Issue Contents


       Vol. 8
A practical approach to pipeline corrosion modelling: Part 2 – Short-term integrity forecasting Dr Érika S M Nicoletti
Legal issues in pipeline integrity programmes Chris Paul
Public acceptance for the construction of a new compressor station: the Gasunie experience Jan Spiekhout
Bamboo pipelines in ancient China (and now?) Jiexin Zhen
The trenchless technique for horizontal-directional drilling: soil-related risks and risk mitigation Dr Henk Kruse
A practical guide to US natural gas transmission pipeline economics Tom Miesner
Design and construction of a 42-in liquids’-pipeline batch-pig facility Robert W Kratsch
An integrated system for pipeline condition monitoring and pig tracking Andrew P Strong
Upgrading old pipeline systems to the state-of-the-art Markus Rieder

About the Cover
Bamboo has been used in China as a pipe material for transporting crude oil for over 1000 years. OUR COVER PICTURE collage shows examples of bamboo pipelines from China in the C19th: the paper on pages 95-98 elaborates on this unexpected application, and makes an interesting suggestion about a modern-day application.
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