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Issue Contents


       Vol. 8
The Australian approach to pipeline safety management Peter Tuft
A practical approach in pipeline corrosion modelling: Part 1 – Long-term integrity forecasting Dr Érika S M Nicoletti
Ethanol transportation: status of research, and integrity management Dr John Beavers
Evaluating damage to on- and offshore pipelines using data acquired using ILI Dr Chris Alexander
Rethinking laybarge pipelaying Professor Andrew Palmer
Rehabilitation of corroded steel pipelines with epoxy repair systems H S Costa-Mattos
Technical and commercial challenges in procurement and implementation of major international pipeline projects Assadollah Maleknejad

About the Cover
As part of an American Petroleum Institute study, experimental efforts were undertaken to assess the effects of wrinkle bends on the fatigue life of pipelines, and three 36-in x 0.281-in pipes were fitted with wrinkle bends having nominal depths of 2%, 4%, and 6% (wrinkle depth percentage calculated by dividing wrinkle depth by the nominal diameter of the pipe). OUR COVER PICTURE shows the pipe sample with 2% wrinkles, and details of this research are included in the paper by Dr Alexander on pages 35-47.
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