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Issue Contents


       Vol. 7
Learning from pipeline failures Professor Phil Hopkins
Responding to crack-detection ILI Dr Martin Phillips
Weld trim dimensional tolerances for use with a design factor of 0.8 Dr Michael Law
Impact of crystallographic texture on hydrogen-induced cracking susceptibility in pipeline steels Dr V Venegas
Fracture resistance curve testing of X80 pipeline steel using the SENB specimen and normalization method Dr Xian-Kui Zhu
Microbiologically-induced corrosion in the oil industry and the impact of mitigation programmes Dr Roger A King

About the Cover
THE COVER PICTURE shows pipe from Corus Tubes being loaded in the UK for delivery to the Perdido Norte project in the Gulf of Mexico, for one of the world’s deepest pipeline systems. Corus Tubes was contracted by Williams to deliver 312km of 18-in diameter uncoated steel linepipe for use in water depths ranging from 1,067 - 2,530m.One new pipeline, 125-km in length, will transfer hydrocarbons from the FPS host in Alaminos Canyon 857 to East Breaks Block 994; a second 170-km long pipeline will deliver gas to Williams’ existing Seahawk pipeline in East Breaks Block 599.
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