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Issue Contents


       Vol. 7
A historical review of precommissioning hydrotest failures Dr Andrew Cosham
Quantifying the probability of failure during the precommissioning hydrotest Dr Andrew Cosham
Managing integrity programmes in a litigious society Chris A Paul
Microbiologically-induced corrosion and biofilm interactions Dr Roger A King
Remote cathodic protection monitoring: preventing pipeline corrosion, improving resource management Neil Summers

About the Cover
THE COVER PICTURE shows one of the SmartPlug isolation tools recently used by TDW Offshore Services for Shell UK Ltd in the N Sea. Shell’s two new gas production platforms in the Shamrock and Caravel fields were tied-in to the existing 20-in diameter pipeline system in the Corvette field. Stavanger-based TDW hydrotested the tie-ins to 375bar, understood to be the highest pipeline pressure ever isolated by the company, following more than 120 pressure isolation projects it has completed worldwide.
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