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Issue Contents


       Vol. 6
An analysis of ‘significant’ SCC data reported to the National Energy Board Joe Paviglianiti
Strategies for the repair of stress-corrosion cracked gas transmission pipelines: assessment of the potential for fatigue failure of dormant stress-corrosion cracks due to cyclic pressure service Prof. Valerie Linton
The feeler-snake pig: a simple way to detect and size internal corrosion Claudio Camerini
Trends and developments in microbiologically-induced corrosion in the oil and gas industry Dr Roger A King
Oil and gas pipelines: environmental and social impact assessment Dr Robert Goodland
Black powder in sales’-gas transmission pipelines MuhammadAli M Trabulsi
Onshore pipelines outlook: 2008-2012 Adrian John
Pipeline systems: control and integrity management Saeid Mokhatab
Design guidelines for the bending radius for large-diameter HDD Ir H J Brin

About the Cover
THE COVER PICTURE shows 14-in high-frequency induction-welded coated linepipe from Corus Tubes of the UK being reeled onto the Apache reelship for a rapidly-undertaken recent project for the Forties North Sea field. Corus manufactured and delivered the 5.25km, 16-mm wall thickness, linepipe within nine weeks from receipt of order. The pipeline, located between the Charlie and Bravo platforms in the Forties field, is now in place and is ready for tie-in, the complete project taking only 95 days from conception to completion.
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