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  Title The role of energy pipelines and research in the US - 1
  Author(s) Cheryl J Trench and Thomas O Miesner  
  Abstract THIS MAJOR REPORT was published in May, 2006, on behalf of the Steering Committee on Energy Pipelines and Research1, the members of whom are listed below. The Report provides a comprehensive survey of the contributions of oil and gas pipelines towards meeting the US’ energy needs, and emphasizes the critical role that research played in making those contributions possible up until now, and how research will be necessary in the future to meet the challenges facing pipelines. Continued, even increased, dependence on pipelines is clear, not only in the US but world-wide: not only will demand for oil and natural gas grow, requiring greater capacity for distribution across the nation and into communities, but regional patterns of supply and demand will shift, requiring reconfigured pipeline movements. Research is essential to improve pipeline safety, supply reliability, environmental performance, security and efficiency as the system encounters higher capacity utilization and higher bars for performance.

The first part of the Report, published here, gives the authors’ executive summary, their introduction, and their reviews of the characteristics of energy pipelines, and the stakeholders and regulations that are involved. In Part 2, the Report goes on to consider the ‘energy landscape’, as well as looking at the issue of improving performance, concluding with a view of how pipeline research can evolve and its future role in general.

Readers’ attention is drawn to the acknowledgements, in particular, published at the end of each Part, and to the list of acronyms and abbreviations that have been used.

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