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  Title A risk-based inspection methodology to optimize pipeline in-line inspection program
  Author(s) Dr Sérgio B Cunha, Ana Paula F De Souza, Erika S M Nicolleti, and Luis D’Angelo Aguiar  
  Abstract AT PRESENT, systematic corrosion inspection by in-line tools (pigs) is the most important technique for evaluating the structural integrity of a pipeline. However, in-line inspections are reasonably costly, and a pigging inspection program represents a significant financial burden during the operation of a pipeline.

This paper introduces an analytical criterion for determining the optimum time at which to inspect a pipeline, and a methodology for finding the optimum repair strategy. The optimization criterion is to minimize the total cost, which is taken to be the sum of the costs of inspection and preventive repairs, as well as of failures and corrective repairs. The computer program that has been written to implement this optimum risk-based inspection methodology is described, and the results of its application to some operating pipelines are presented.

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