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About the Cover

OUR COVER PHOTO shows a digital terrain model for geomorphological characterization, used for pipeline route optimization. It is taken from the paper on this subject by Dr Filippo Onori et al., published on pages 95-106.

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The Journal of Pipeline Engineering has been accepted by the Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) to be part of the Scopus database and to be included in the SciVerse Scopus index. It has also been accepted for inclusion in the Norwegian Social Science Data Services莓D頒egister for Scientific Journals (http://www.nsd.uib.no), accreditation for which is led by the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (http://www.uhr.no).

Current Issue
Deterministic and probabilistic approaches for scheduling mitigations of crack-like anomalies
Author: Dr Jing Ma
Secondary authors: Michael Rosenfeld
Hydrotesting and ILI: now and in the future
Author: Jerry Rau
Secondary authors: Dr Mike Kirkwood
The use of GIS slope-stability analyses for onshore pipeline routeing optimization
Author: Dr Filippo Onori
Secondary authors: Dr Agostino Napolitano and Eng. Tonino Tarsi
Geogrid for existing buried pipeline crossings
Author: Dr Agostino Napolitano
Secondary authors: Dr Diego D’Alberto, Dr Salvatore Morgante, and Dr Gilberto Latini
Assessment of the reliability level embedded in pipeline design codes
Author: Prof. Sviatoslav A Timashev
Secondary authors: Anna V Bushinskaya
Baseline survey of flexible pipes: scope of requirements and overview of typical non-conformances
Author: Dr Damir Tadjiev

About the Journal

Established in 2001, The Journal of Pipeline Engineering (incorporating the Journal of Pipeline Integrity) is an independent, international, quarterly journal, devoted to all aspects of engineering for oil, gas, and products pipelines.

Each issue of the quarterly Journal reviews technical advances in a wide range of engineering subjects, encompassing: new and emerging technologies and their applications; pipeline design; corrosion prediction, detection, and mitigation; inspection and integrity assessment methods and tools; defect assessment and maintenance prioritization; pipeline data management, integration and analysis; and other areas relevant to this expanding science.

Information for Authors

The Journal of Pipeline Engineering now uses the Open Journal Systems manuscript-management system, provided by Journal Editorial Services, for accepting and processing manuscripts, peer-reviewing, and informing authors of comments and manuscript acceptance.

Please go to http://jes-pipe-eng.com to submit your paper into this system: the necessary instructions can be found via links on the opening page. Manuscript files can be uploaded in text or PDF format.

Please contact the editor (see the link on the Contact page, above) if you require any assistance.

The Journal of Pipeline Engineering is published by:
Great Southern Press
PO Box 21, Beaconsfield

in association with:

Clarion Technical Publishers
3401 Louisiana, Suite 255
Houston, TX 77002

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